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Lisa De Bode

Lisa De Bode is a journalist based in New York City. She reports and writes news stories and features for Al Jazeera America.

Lize Van Dyck

Lize Van Dyck is a Belgian anthropologist.

Lode Delputte

Lode Delputte is a Belgian freelance journalist.

Loes Verhaeghe

Loes Verhaeghe worked as a researcher for Ghent University. During her studies in sociology she wrote her thesis about voluntourism. She published about this in the Belgian online press.

Loïc Delvaulx

Loïc Delvaulx is a Belgian photographer and cameraman.

Lotte Knaepen

Lotte Knapen is a Belgian documentary maker.

Louis Lammertyn

Louis Lammertyn is a freelance photographer and consultant.

Louise Van Assche

Louise Van Assche is a documentary filmmaker who lives and works in Austin, Texas.

Luc Pauwels

Luc Pauwels is a journalist at Flemish public broadcaster VRT.

Luca Putteman

Luca Putteman worked as a communication expert for the United Nations in Morocco and Jordan, and for the EU, Belgian Development Cooperation and USAID in Benin. She made reports for Belgian television and online international press with a focus on…

Ludo De Brabander

Ludo De Brabander is spokesman for Vrede vzw and writes opinion pieces for Vrede, Uitpers, Knack.be, De Wereldmorgen and Mo*.

Ludo De Witte

Ludo De Witte (1956) is a sociologist and author. He wrote, amongst others, De moord op Lumumba (1999), Wie is bang voor moslims? ('Who is afraid of Muslims?') (2004) and Huurlingen, geheim agenten en diplomaten ('Mercenaries, secret agents and…

Luk De Wilde

Luk De Wilde is an independent journalist specialized in aviation.

Luk Dewulf

Luk Dewulf is an investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker.

Lut Vandekeybus

Lut Vandekeybus is a Belgian documentary film maker.

Luuk Sengers

Luuk Sengers is a Dutch independent investigative journalist, university teacher and media trainer/consultant.

Lynn Berger

Lynn Berger (1984) is a researcher and journalist. She currently writes for De Correspondent about technology and culture and the interaction between the two.

Lynn Cornelis

Lynn Cornelis (1989) is a Belgian freelance journalist.

Maarten Bernaerts

Maarten Bernaerts is a Belgian film producer and director.

Maarten Schmidt

Maarten Schmidt is a Belgian producer of documentary films.

Maarten Stuyck

Studied History and Journalism and worked five years as photo editor for De Morgen. Since 2014 he's working for the production company Diplodokus.

Machteld Libert

Machteld Libert is a crime and court journalist for Flemish public broadcaster VRT. In her successful book Ik heb een mens vermoord (I killed a man) (2009) she looked into the minds of three murderers. In 2011 she analysed the psyche of a serial…

Mae Azango

Mae Azango is a Liberian journalist.

Mahmoud Elsobky

Mahmoud Elsobky is journalist/producer for the Belgian national broadcaster VRT and works as a freelance journalist for The Guardian and Al Jazeera English.
Mahmoud Elsobky

Majd Khalifeh

Majd Khalifeh is journalist en documentairemaker voor VRT Nieuws.

Manno Lanssens

Manno Lanssens is a Belgian documentary maker.

Marc Hoogsteyns

Marc Hoogsteyns (49) is one of the last Belgian adventurer-journalists.

Marcel van Silfhout

Marcel van Silfhout is a Dutch freelance investigative journalist.

Marco Ansaloni

Marco Ansaloni was born in Turin, Italy. After studying Architecture and Photography, he moved to Barcelona, Spain. From here he develops projects worldwide as a photojournalist especialised in history, archaeology, travel and culture.

Margot Cassiers

Margot Cassiers is a historian and investigative journalist.