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Peter Dupont

Peter Dupont (50) is a Belgian investigative journalist, columnist, author, and lector.

Peter Vanham

Peter Vanahm is an economics jornalist. He writes about the relaiton between the economy, entrepreneurship, and the real life everywhere in the world.

Phara de Aguirre

Phara de Aguirre is a Belgian journalist and works for the Flemish public broadcaster VRT.

Philip Heremans

Philip Heremans is a Belgian filmmaker and actor.

Pieter Bauwens

Pieter Bauwens is a Belgian journalist.

Pieter Stockmans

MO * journalist Pieter Stockmans follows the foreign policy of the European Union. He also follows the evolutions in Eastern Europe and the region to the east of the EU. As a freelance journalist, he has been traveling through North Africa and the…

Pieter van der Houwen

Pieter van der Houwen is a Dutch photographer and journalist.

Pieter Van Eecke

Born in Belgium in 1975, Pieter Van Eecke studied Philosophy at Ghent University and Sculpture at Sint-Lucas Brussels. He works and lives in South America and became a filmmaker.

Preben Verledens

Preben Verledens is a documentary maker and editor.

Precious Mbewu

Precious Mbewu is a South African interviewer and translator

Quentin Noirfalisse

Quentin Noirfalisse is a Belgian freelance investigative journalist

Raf Custers

Raf Custers (°1954) is a Belgian historian and journalist.

Raf Sauviller

Raf Sauviller (1955-2018) was an investigative journalists writing for the Belgian magazines HUMO, EOS and P-Magazine. He has published books about the mafia, the Bende van Nijvel, former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and Flemish…

Raymond Dakoua

Raymond Dakoua is a photographer of Ivorian origin who lives and works in Brussels.

Reinout Verbeke

Reinout Verbeke (°1981) studied Germanic Languages and journalism, and works as news coordinator and - since 2005 - editor at Eos science journal.

Renate van der Zee

Renate van der Zee is a journalist, and writes for magazines and newspapers such as Opzij, Libelle and NRC Handelsblad.

Rien Bauwens

Rien Bauwens is a Belgian director.

Rinke van den Brink

Rinke van den Brink (1955) is a writer who has been covering healthcare for NOS Nieuws since 2005.

Rob Jacobs

Rob Jacobs is a researcher at the University of Antwerp and Aarhus University.

Robbe Vandegehuchte

Robbe Vandegehuchte is a Belgian documentary producer and journalist.

Robin Van Wechem

Robin van Wechem (1986) is a Dutch political scientist and journalist.

Roel Nollet

Roel Nollet is a Belgian freelance journalist and documentary maker.

Ruben Brugnera

Ruben Brugnera is an independent investigative journalist, based in Brussels.

Ruben Desiere

Ruben Desiere is a Belgian director.

Rudi Rotthier

Rudi Rotthier is a Belgian journalist and travel writer

Ruth Vandewalle

Ruth Vandewalle finished her master's degree Middle East Studies and Arabic in Cairo, where she is based since 2009. She started working as a news producer during the Arab Uprisings in 2011. Since then she has covered the news from all over the…

Saar Van Eyck

Saar Van Eyck is a Belgian documentary maker and reporter.

Salvatore Di Rosa

Salvatore Di Rosa (1972) is a freelance journalist, researcher and Russia expert. He writes for HUMO, Apache.be and EOS among others.

Sam Asaert

Sam Asaert is as a freelance photographer and documentary filmmaker.

Sam Sermon

Sam Sermon is a freelance filmmaker. He works on short and full-length films.