GHANA - Filmmaker and actor Adams Mensah returns to Ghana, the country where he was born and spent half his life. "Ghana For You" is part of a larger project in which Adams explores the causes that encourage young Ghanaians to emigrate. Starting from his personal life story, he starts looking for possible explanations.

Adams himself had to come to Europe from his father, he had no choice. At the age of fourteen he went to live with his father, who had moved from Accra to Brussels for years. His world and ideas changed drastically. Adams now lives in Belgium for as many years as he has lived in Ghana and asks himself: Why are Ghanaians so inclined to come to Europe?

In search of possible answers, Adams takes Belgian and Ghanaian friends and acquaintances on a journey of discovery through Ghana. By turning his own quest into a collective quest, Adams tries to create the context in which conversations can lead to complex social discussions.

2019 - Nominated for FEPASCO (Burkina Faso): Compétition documentaire long-métrage

Adams Mensah

Adams Mensah is a Ghanaian-Belgian actor and filmmaker.
Adams Mensah
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