JERUSALEM - The war in Gaza has been going on for nine months. Ethnic cleansing is taking place not only there, but also in the West Bank. It did not start after October 7, but has been going on for decades, stresses Lemkin Institute for Genocide Prevention, among others. 

Israel "wants land without people", say Palestinians who are regularly attacked by Jewish settlers and the Israeli army. Journalists Ula Idzikowska and Marek Kowalczyk travelled to occupied Palestine to hear whether fighting for peace building still makes sense in this context. How can you fight for peace and offer resistance when Jewish settlers and Israel is seizing more and more Palestinian land?    

What drives people fighting harder than ever for peacebuilding? How do you not lose hope and overcome grief and the (possible) desire for revenge? 

Peace Now, an Israeli organisation that fought against Israeli settlement expansion, sees Jewish settlers as the biggest obstacle to peace in the area. The project therefore also exposes how Jewish settlers stand in the way of the peace process. 

Photo: Marek Kowalczyk

Six-year-old girl living in one of the villages of Masafer Yatta stands in front of the hill leading to an Israeli outpost. The road to the outpost is partly on Palestinian land. Settlers have been blocking this road since October 7. 

Ula Idzikowska

Ula Idzikowska is a Polish freelance journalist and reporter based in Czech Republic.

Marek Kowalczyk

Marek Kowalczyk is a Polish photographer and camera operator.
Marek Kowalczyk