Information Needs of Communities


 While the broadband age is enabling an information and communications renaissance, local communities in particular are being unevenly served with critical information about local issues. This report, delivered by the American FCC (Federal Communications Commission) in 2011, makes recommendations on how the information needs of communities can be met in a broadband world.

Better Journalism in the Digital Age


In February 2010 the Carnegie UK Trust appointed Blair Jenkins as a ‘Carnegie Fellow’ to investigate how better news media can be delivered in the digital age. The results of Jenkins' investigation have now been published in a sharp report: 'Better Journalism in the Digital Age'.


NICAR12 - tools on


Journalist Chrys Wu collected all the presentations, links and tools from NICAR12 and published them on her blog Ricochet.

The Search for a New Business Model


The Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism published an extensive article on its website on how newspapers are faring trying to build digital revenue. 


Australian government could pay for journalism education


The Finkelstein inquiry into the media and media regulation flags a future need for government to fund journalists' education.

Ghana: Danish NGO Supports Investigative Journalism


Ghanaian journalists have been urged to take advantage of the Programme for African Investigative Reporting (PAIR), to access funds to undertake investigative journalism in diverse areas for the benefit of society.

Nick Davies wins Paul Foot Award


Guardian reporter Nick Davies received the Paul Foot Award for investigative journalism for a series of stories that helped expose the depth of phone hacking conducted by the News of the World.

New business model for journalists?


"The web is the future of journalism, but let's be honest: the future isn’t living up to expectations. Newspapers and magazines have cut back on in-depth reporting. Gossip sites have proliferated. The web has become a byword for fast and cheap. Why isn’t it synonymous with fearless, investigative and enthralling writing?"

Lessons for starting news foundations


The Knight Digital Media Center gives news startups some basic lessons on business plans after the Chicago News Cooperation, a two-year-old nonprofit news site, announced that it is suspending its contributions to the Midwest pages of the New York Times.