The Netherlands is one of the largest exporters of tomatoes and tomato seeds in the world. Journalist Annemieke Hendriks follows the life of the tomato, from birth to the plate, in the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Romania, Hungary and other European countries.

On her search Hendriks writes the stories and experiences of tomato professionals, such as growers, taste testers and biotechnologists, pickers, politicians and lobbyists, seed breeders, merchants and eco-activists. She asks critical questions about the rather absurd world in which she ends up. For example, can we still speak of a Dutch, Romanian or German tomato? Why do millions of nearly identical tomatoes cross each other on the European continent every day? How healthy or dangerous can a tomato be?

(Foto © sylvar)

Annemieke Hendriks

Annemieke Hendriks (1956) is a sociologist and journalist.