JUAREZ - "How much you own, that's how much you're worth. That's how it works here. For us poor people, there's no justice." Susana's daughter Lupita went into town 6 years ago to buy shoes. She never came back. There are thousands of Lupitas in Juárez, Mexico. Lynn Cornelis and Sofie Meelberghs want to know who's behind the wave of kidnappings and murders.

They even have a name for the sinister phenomenon in Mexico. "Feminicidios," brutal murders of women just because they're women. The disappearances have been going on for twenty years. And although the culmination of the bloody drug war is behind us, there is no end to the feminicide. Lynn and Sofie go out with relatives and activists and they want to know what the average Mexican thinks. They don't talk to the police for security reasons ("they don't necessarily have your best interests at heart"), but a criminologist who has worked for the police for years is willing to talk. 

Lynn Cornelis

Lynn Cornelis (1989) is a Belgian freelance journalist.

Sofie Meelberghs

Sofie Meelberghs is a documentary filmmaker and researcher at Lionheart Productions.
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Fonds Pascal Decroos

TV (in Dutch)

  • 'Las Muertas de Juárez', Vranckx, VRT/Canvas (Belgian public broadcaster), 24/10/2015.