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Marching in the Dark

  • Healthcare
  • Agriculture
  • Politics

BHOPAL - Rural regions in India suffer a high suicide rate among farmers

The Netherlands and Belgium not aligned in fight against drugs

  • Industry
  • Justice
  • Politics

The ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam are the main European gateway for cocaine. Publicly, the Netherlands and Belgium proclaim their united commitment to breaking the backbone of the drug trade. But behind the scenes, differences in political culture are at play, and resentment and gloom reign.

Behind desert and barbed wires

  • Equality
  • Migration
  • Politics

AFRICA - While hatred and fear is sown in Europe about " floating negroes" and "repopulation," the African side of the immigration debate remains underexposed.

In Europe, social mask of Vlaams Belang falls

  • Politics

BRUSSELS - In the European Parliament, Vlaams Belang has a very different narrative than the social image the party wants to project in Flanders. Even in Flanders, by the way, this social narrative should be taken with a grain of salt.


  • Youth
  • Politics
  • Cities

UKRAINE - Is there room for healing and recovery in the midst of wartime? With that question, photographer Emiel Petrovitch and writer Johannes Decat traveled to Ukraine. Their answers are contained in a series of articles.

High Stakes, the political biography of Shell

  • Corruption
  • Economy
  • Politics

AMSTERDAM - Shell knows the ways to the highest circles as well as the shortcuts through the political swamps. The oil and gas giant operates in 70 countries. Most are not democratic constitutional states. Shell - until recently Royal Dutch Shell - has to deal daily with weak or autocratic governments, corruption, unrest, war and terrorism. How does it navigate through these?

Sons of Abraham

  • Politics
  • Religion

JERUZALEM - Three friends with three different faiths travel together to the cradle of their religions: Jerusalem. They want to discover what they have in common and what divides them. But soon they are confronted with the harsh realities of conflict.

New tension in Northern Ireland

  • Armed conflict
  • Politics

BELFAST - Northern Ireland this week celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement. The 1998 peace brought an end to 30 years of civil war between Protestants and Catholics, but unrest seems to have returned in recent years. Northern Ireland politics has been tumbling into one crisis after another since Brexit.

The wrong generation

  • Human Rights
  • Politics

TUNIS - When Tunisians kick off the Arab Spring in 2010, the difficult transition to democracy begins. Nearly a decade later, independent candidate Kais Saied comes to power. Stealthily, he implements his political agenda: he dissolves parliament, arrests the opposition, and the media and the electoral commission are also targeted. Many Tunisians speak of a true coup d'état.

Move she does

  • Transport
  • Politics
  • Religion

TEHERAN - Women face obstacles when entering public spaces: prejudice, traditions, prohibitive laws, violence. All over the world, brave, creative women have found ways to overcome these obstacles. With their specific modes of transport, they challenge gender roles, gain independence, self-confidence and strength. Each is changing her environment from within, becoming an inspiring role model.