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Guide for research journalists

  • Journalism & Media
  • Education

AMSTERDAM - The official handbook of the Dutch-Flemish Association of Investigative Journalists covers the internationally renowned Story-Based Inquiry method: a fast and effective way to organise and carry out journalistic research. Around it, the authors discuss the social, psychological, legal, financial, ethical and societal aspects of investigative journalism.

Journalism in times of fake news

  • Journalism & Media

BRUSSEL - 'Doen we als mainstream media onze job wel goed genoeg?' Het is een vraag die VRT-onderzoeksjournalist Luc Pauwels al jaren bezig houdt. Want hij ziet te veel verontrustende alarmsignalen.

The Last Newspaper

  • Journalism & Media
  • Finance

ANTWERP - Karl van den Broeck, who succeeded Georges Timmerman as editor-in-chief of Apache in 2014, tells in a six-part series how the top man of De Persgroep (now DPG Media) committed a sophisticated stealth murder on Flanders' most important independent progressive newspaper De Morgen. 

On Air

  • Journalism & Media
  • Politics

BURUNDI - Bob Rugurika is the director of Radio Publique Africaine (RPA), the most popular independent radio station in Burundi. As an investigative journalist, he is also a forerunner in the fight for freedom of expression in his country, willing to risk his life to expose the truth. 

The bullfighter with regrets? He doesn't exist.

  • Journalism & Media

SPAIN - Fake news goes further than current news facts that are distorted. It is about inspiring stories and photos that will lead a life of their own. The penitent bullfighter is one of them. In the photo you can see a bull almost begging for its life, while the bullfighter is sitting aside, completely embarrassed.

Congo, Generation Y

  • Journalism & Media
  • Youth

Sisters Katrijn and Goele Geeraert traveled through the Democratic Republic of the Congo for two months and met different youngsters. They want to get to know the youth of Congo better and give an illustration of the life of Congolese youngsters today through those meetings.

Media and Politics

  • Journalism & Media
  • Politics

BELGIUM - What do politicians think about media and political reporting? In recent months, Apache.be has spoken with the party chairmen of the liberal party Open VLD, the Christian democratic party CD&V, the socialist party Sp.a and the green party Groen and with various media specialists and communication staff of those parties.

Backup Butembo

  • Armed conflict
  • Equality
  • Journalism & Media
  • Human Rights

DR CONGO - This special documentary tells the story of exceptionally strong women in eastern Congo. The region has been the scene of a bloody conflict for over 15 years. Positive resistance is growing in the city of Butembo. The population is trying to regain control over its fate and life. When the violence in and around Butembo increases, the inhabitants are not watching from the sidelines. Sometimes they literally run into danger.

Particulate matter, big profit

  • Environment
  • Journalism & Media

In the region of the port of Ghent, the emission of CO2 and harmful particulate matter is related to the failure of European and international climate standards.

Between Antwerp and Baghdad

  • Journalism & Media
  • Culture

Zelfa Madhloum went to Iraq to find Iraqis returning to their country after having emigrated. What is more, it was her first visit to her country of origin. Against everyone's advice, she decided to follow her destiny in Iraq. She immerses herself in the new, shocking world, gets to know other people her age and meets her family for the first time.