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Does Gaza have a future?

  • Conflict
  • Human Rights

GAZA - As early as eight years ago, the UN warned that the Gaza Strip was at risk of becoming unlivable by 2020. At the beginning of that year, De Morgen journalist Martijn Lauwens went to see what that means. He travelled around the isolated Palestinian enclave for a week and asked the people there how they live, how they see the future and what they dream of. 

War in my genes

  • Conflict
  • Art
  • History

ARMENIA/TURKEY - Kubra was born and raised in Belgium. However, her family is Turkish, at least, that's what they thought, because she was brought up as a Belgian Turk: with Turkish customs and the Islamic faith. Internal doubts lead her to have a DNA test taken in 2017 to see if she actually has Turkish roots. The test showed that she is not Turkish but Armenian. After further investigation, it appeared that this was due to the genocide around 1916.

Abuse of SME subsidies

  • Finance
  • Innovation

BELGIUM - When is the use of a subsidy for an independent entrepreneur justified and when is there abuse? Sofie Van Nuffel came across statements that suggest that not everything can be guaranteed by trust alone. 

Women of the Hirak

  • Conflict
  • Equal opportunities
  • Human Rights

MOROCCO - Hirak protests broke out in northern Morocco three years ago. Following the terrible death of a fish seller, the Riffines were crying out for good education, health care, work, fair justice and the fight against corruption. But the regime hit hard, resulting in hundreds of arrests. The leaders of the non-violent Hirak movement were sentenced to twenty years in prison.

Arab Spring 2.0

  • Conflict
  • Equal opportunities
  • Politics

MIDDLE EAST -The 'Arab Spring' of 2011 had enormous consequences: dictators fell, wars followed, the refugee crisis came and there was the global impact of ISIS. A continuation of "2011" appears to have been started in 2019. New revolts are raging in Sudan, Algeria, Iraq and Lebanon, while the previous struggle continues elsewhere.

The S53

  • Migration

BELGIUM - Every night the last train leaves for Beervelde, located along the E17. From the station, young men and women try to reach one of the nearby motorway parking lots, usually on foot. There they try to get on a truck that will bring them to England.

Why are Colombian bananas crooked?

  • Conflict
  • Agriculture
  • Ecology

COLOMBIA - Belgium is a banana republic, as far as trade is concerned. There are only three countries in the world that import more bananas than we do: the United States, Russia and China. But we export 87 percent, or 1.17 tons, of those bananas. Most bananas come from Colombia. 

'De Roma' is ours

  • Art

BELGIUM - Thanks to more than 450 volunteers the cultural center called De Roma keeps going. Why do they put their heart and soul into this theater in Borgerhout near Antwerp? Television maker Lies Van der Auwera tried to find the answer. 

En Route

LESBOS - Dimitri Van Zeebroeck and Lize Van Dyck join forces for a special film documentary about the migration crisis, more specifically in Lesbos, Greece. In the meantime, they write blog posts and articles for MO*, a Belgian magazine.

Afghanistan: is our military presence still useful?

  • Conflict
  • Religion
  • Terrorism

AFGHANISTAN - Now that the Taliban is constantly threatening with attacks on polling stations and other places, it is fearful to see what the Afghan presidential elections of September 28 will bring. But everyone is convinced that they must continue: “The Taliban cannot stop us anymore. It's too late for that."