BAGDAD - Ten years ago, the reign of the terrorist group ISIS in Iraq began with the invasion of Mosul. And made many victims in the process. Among minorities such as Yezidis and Christians; a lot of attention has been paid to that. Less well known is the largest group: the Sunnis who lived under the ISIS occupation, oppressed and killed. And subsequently lumped together with the radicals by many.

Judit Neurink and photographer Eddy Wessel travelled through Iraq and discovered how Sunnis are working frantically to leave victimhood behind and reckon with the past. 

Judit Neurink

Judit Neurink (1957) is a Dutch journalist and author.

Eddy van Wessel

Eddy van Wessel is a Dutch photojournalist.
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  • 'We kennen de waarde van ons thuisland en willen nooit meer weg', MO*152, Zomer 2024.