Aleydis Nissen is a Belgian postdoc researcher at Leiden Law School.

In her PhD thesis she analysed the influence that European Union Member States can exert to improve the accountability of transnational corporations from emerging economies for human rights violations. She was a visiting researcher at the University of Nairobi and Seoul National University. Her work has been published in, among others, The Independent, The Irish Examiner, Knack, De Standaard, De Volkskrant and Columbia Journal of International Affairs. Previously, she worked on the editorial staff of De Morgen and as a researcher at Vlerick Business School. She recently received postdoctoral scholarships from FWO and FNRS. She is an alumna of the postgraduate International Research Journalism, organised by Thomas More in collaboration with Fonds Pascal Decroos.

Foto: © Anna Červinková

Aleydis Nissen


Aleydis Nissen
corruption, equal opportunities, international, justice, media, human rights, politics, health

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Just as much suffering. In the wings of non-western multinationals

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NAIROBI - European media regularly report on human rights violations by multinational companies 'from here'. Various Flemish media reported that a Brussels construction company would engage in forced labour in Qatar in preparation for the World Cup. Swedish journalists Tobias Åkerblom and Moa Kärnstrand revealed that a Swedish clothing brand would employ children aged 14 in Myanmar. However, multinationals born and raised in emerging economies are often forgotten.