Annabell Van den Berghe studied Arabic language and has been working from Cairo since 2009.

Her articles have been published in De Tijd, De Morgen, De Groene Amsterdammer,, MO* and Knack. She also writes for English-language media such as Al Jazeera, Syria Deeply and Daily News Egypt


Annabell Van den Berghe

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The man no one could bury

  • Social Affairs

BUDAPEST - There she is, the granddaughter: in Budapest, in front of her grandfather, who died suddenly five days ago. None of his three daughters, who all live in Flanders, travel to Hungary. From one moment to the next, the granddaughter, who has loved her grandfather, takes over the honours.

Egyptian Sweets

  • Human Rights
  • Education
  • Armed conflict
  • Youth
  • Culture

Three years after the revolution daily life in Egypt is finally, slowly, resuming its pace. How do you continue after the initial euphoria fades away and a stone-cold reality looks you dead in the face? The young Flemish journalist Annabell Van den Berghe takes us along through her Cairo, the city where she studied and where she still often spends weeks or months for her job.