Johan de Boose (1962) is a doctor in Slavic languages and Eastern Europe. He is an author of award-winning fiction and nonfiction. He also writes for various Dutch and Flemish magazines and he contributes to the public broadcaster Radio 1 and Klara about culture, Eastern Europe and current affairs.


Johan de Boose
Eastern Europe, Russia

Supported projects

Radio Russia: stories in the margins of the World Cup

  • Sport

RUSSIA - Radio 1 reporter Ward Bogaert and Russia expert Johan de Boose travel during the first two weeks of the Football World Cup along the trans-Siberian railway line, in search of beautiful stories in the margins of the sporting event. Together they keep a diary...

God is a Russian

RUSSIA - Western man's fascination with the Russian Orthodox faith has grown steadily over the past hundred years. Revolutions, totalitarianism, wars, oligarchy, Putinism and mafia could not change that. Johan de Boose looked behind the scenes of the church.