Stefano Valentino is a freelance investigative journalist based in Brussels. He specializes in the environment and green economy.

He worked as a foreign reporter for 13 years, covering social, economic and political issues from the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Valentino has written contributions for The Guardian, Le Monde Diplomatique, La Repubblica and NRC Handelsblad.


Stefano Valentino
Environment, sustainability

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Twenty years of SARS

  • Healthcare
  • Environment
  • Science

EUROPE - Twenty years ago the first SARS outbreak gave the warning. But Europe has failed to prepare for the Covid-19 pandemic due to a lack of funding for drug research and may still fail to prepare for the next pandemuc, argue several prominent scientists interviewed by Stefano Valentino and Gian Paolo Accardo.

Particulate matter, big profit

  • Environment
  • Journalism & Media

In the region of the port of Ghent, the emission of CO2 and harmful particulate matter is related to the failure of European and international climate standards.