Youssra Addou is a 26-year-old Dutch journalist with MENA expertise.

Youssra obtained a master's degree in Arabic & English language and region studies from KU Leuven in 2017 and a specialisation degree in Arabic language and culture from Universite Cadi Ayyad in Marrakech (2016). She is also a sworn translator-interpreter at the Belgian and Dutch Ministries of Justice. Currently Youssra is working as a communication and region specialist under, among others for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In her spare time, Youssra works on MENA and women's rights related projects.


Youssra Addou

Supported projects


  • Human Rights
  • Corruption

AL HOCEIMA - During the summer holidays, Europeans with a Moroccan migration background flock to Al Hoceima. For two months, the tourist resort in the Rif region is flourishing and there is work again. But it's only a little solace for the Rifine population that has to deal with a corrupt government and oppression on a daily basis.