BRUSSEL - 'Doen we als mainstream media onze job wel goed genoeg?' Het is een vraag die VRT-onderzoeksjournalist Luc Pauwels al jaren bezig houdt. Want hij ziet te veel verontrustende alarmsignalen.

A feature article in 'De Journalist' in February 2021 indicated that trust ratings in the media had fallen from 59% to 51% in Flanders between 2016 and 2020. That is not a great deal. An earlier survey that probed the trust of 32 professions already showed then that journalists in Belgium ranked fifth last, in the company of insurance agents, pastors (the abuse in the Church then!), advertisers and politicians. In other countries, journalists scored even worse.

There was hardly any talk of disinformation, fake news then. That changed after the election of Donald Trump: he upended the political discourse in an unprecedented way. The tone became harsh and brutal. The eruption of fake news and disinformation is poisoning the entire society and is far from over. This should make those mainstream media think about their stance and position. Are they walking such a flawless course themselves?

Pauwels' answers are at times disconcerting.

Luc Pauwels

Luc Pauwels is a journalist at Flemish public broadcaster VRT.
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