Daniela De Lorenzo is a freelance multimedia journalist focusing on the environment issues, organised crime and human rights.

She has previously worked in environmental NGOs and European Institutions covering communication roles in relation to EU efforts to tackle the climate crisis and emissions reduction.
She has written for Italian and foreign media including Al Jazeera, VICE, WIRED Italy and News Statesmen. She is currently a permanent contributor for WIRED Italy and Forbes Europe on topics relating to sustainability and innovation within the food and agriculture sector.


Daniela De Lorenzo
environment issues, organised crime and human rights

Supported projects

Hard Drug Consumers FInd Gateway to New Shelter

  • Healthcare
  • Science

BRUSSELS - With a delay of more than 6 months, the drug use space GATE opened its doors in the Belgian capital on May 5, 2022.

A meaty market

  • Innovation
  • Agriculture
  • Environment

BRUSSELS - Animal protein production accounts for 82% of food’s carbon footprint in the EU, and it is therefore necessary to curb livestock emissions in order to reach the goals within the EU green deal.

The War on Drug Waste

  • Environment
  • Organised crime

BRUSSELS - “When discussing drug production, we rarely look at the environmental damage and costs. Belgium, together with The Netherlands, is the main producer of synthetic drugs in Europe, and the chemical waste deriving as a by-product from the production here remains.