Eugenie D'Hooghe (┬░1995) is a freelance journalist and documentary maker.

Eugenie studied social-cultural work at the Artevelde Hogeschool and followed the advanced master's programme in international politics at Ghent University. Currently, she is studying Arabic. She specialises in migration, refugees, multiculturalism, the Middle East and foreign policy.


Eugenie D'Hooghe
migration, refugees, multiculturalism, the Middle East and foreign policy

Supported projects

The wrong generation

  • Human Rights
  • Politics

TUNIS - When Tunisians kick off the Arab Spring in 2010, the difficult transition to democracy begins. Nearly a decade later, independent candidate Kais Saied comes to power. Stealthily, he implements his political agenda: he dissolves parliament, arrests the opposition, and the media and the electoral commission are also targeted. Many Tunisians speak of a true coup d'├ętat.

Violence by and against police in Brussels

  • Security
  • Youth

BRUSSELS - Protests against police are flaring up and are increasingly visible on the streets of Brussels. Among the demonstrators there are strikingly many young people. "We want change, and that only seems possible if we take matters into our own hands," shouts law student Amira (19), who is at the front of the demonstration following the death of Ibrahima Barrie on 13 January.

Mosaic of the Lebanese Revolution

  • Armed conflict

BEIRUT - On 17 October 2019, a revolution broke out in Lebanon that is still raging among the people. The - young, secular - population is trying to break free, while the divided sectarian power apparatus is digging deeper. The ongoing Lebanese popular protests resulted in the largest national protest since the civil war (75-90). All Lebanese, regardless of their frame of reference within the melting pot of cultures, unite under one banner against the corrupt commanders