Hélène Molinari is a freelance journalist. She started her career in Belgium in 2012 working for the satirical and local newspaper Le Poiscaille (Liège) or the magazine C4 which both don’t exist anymore.

She moved back to France in 2015. She has participated since in several collective and feminist projects. She obtained a grant for the Fonds pour le journalisme for an investigation about Arcelor Mittal published in Medor, then participated with the transmedia investigation Zero impunity about the impunity of sexual violence in conflict zones. She co-founded the collective “Les Bâtardes” where she explores feminist issues such as health, work, and politics. Her last project as a datajournalist, called “Femmes à abattre”, got the support of the Pascal Decroos fund. She is a member of AJL, the French association of LGBTQI+ journalists.



Hélène Molinari
Feminism, inequality

Supported projects

Femmes à abattre

  • Armed conflict
  • Organised crime
  • Security

BRUSSEL - These women weren’t leading  the same battles, walking in the same streets or speaking in the same forums. Yet they were all victims of the same crime:  political feminicide.