Johannes De Bruycker is a Belgian freelance documentary photographer, video maker and founder of The Caravan's Journal.

He combines his education with international projects, in search of intense stories of relationships between people and their environment. He has worked with National Geographic photographer Dos Winkel, photo agency NOOR and he collaborated on Johan Grimonprez' documentary SHADOW WORLD on international arms trade.


Johannes De Bruycker

Supported projects

Travelling to Iceland with the Belgica

  • Innovation
  • Technology

GALWAY - For months now, the North Atlantic has been plagued by extreme heat waves. The new high-tech research vessel the Belgica is sailing to the polar regions for the first time to document and investigate the effects of climate change in the oceans. Journalists Arno Van Rensbergen and Johannes De Bruycker went on board for a week.

Is there still a future for Svalbard?

  • Environment
LONYEARBYEN - The Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard is warming six times faster than the global average.Natural disasters are threatening residents, while local government is making efforts to limit the damage.

New tension in Northern Ireland

  • Armed conflict
  • Politics

BELFAST - Northern Ireland this week celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement. The 1998 peace brought an end to 30 years of civil war between Protestants and Catholics, but unrest seems to have returned in recent years. Northern Ireland politics has been tumbling into one crisis after another since Brexit.

American Dreams

  • Science

UNITED STATES - American Dreams is a journalistic multimedia story by Johannes De Bruycker. The project explores a wide range of philosophical and scientific issues, including the nature of reality, (lucid) dreams and nightmares, consciousness and trauma.


  • Human Rights
  • Politics

ORANIA - Until thirty years ago, white Afrikaners dominated South Africa, today they feel like a threatened minority. The monopoly on agricultural land is disappearing, their culture is under pressure and many feel unsafe in the big cities. More and more Afrikaners are turning their backs on the rainbow nation. In Orania, the country's most contested village, they want to preserve their identity.

Man and the Horn

  • Environment

NANYUKI - De Mens en de Hoorn is a project by Olivia Kortas and Kasper Goethals in collaboration with photographer Johannes De Bruycker. Based on the story of Najin and Fatu, the last two northern white rhinos on earth, they tell about the dysfunctional relationship between humans and their planet.

The Maidan earthquake effect

  • Politics

Three years after the Maidan revolution Ukraine is still restless. A team of four young multimedia journalists is conducting research on the aftershocks of Maidan for four weeks.