Is a photojournalist since 2008. She joined Youpress, and is a member of Haytham Pictures agency since 2013.

She covered news (the revolution in Ukraine in 2014, elections, protests...) as well as longer stories, and collaborated with 6 Mois, Géo, Le Monde, The New York Times, Libération, Marie Claire, among others. After being based in Paris and Madagascar, she lives now in Stockholm, where she works on stories in Scandinavia, as well as Central Asia, USA, Sri Lanka or Georgia... For the past three years, she’s been focusing on issues about environment and women's and minorities' rights. She is a member of the AJL, the French association of LGBTQI+ journalists.


Juliette Robert
Environment, Inequality, Cross-Border

Supported projects

Femmes à abattre

  • Armed conflict
  • Organised crime
  • Security

BRUSSEL - These women weren’t leading  the same battles, walking in the same streets or speaking in the same forums. Yet they were all victims of the same crime:  political feminicide.