Leïla Miñano is an investigative journalist, she has taken her notebooks from Haiti to the North Pole, via Bangkok and Peru. She has covered the Arab Spring in Egypt, Libya, and Syria.

She is the author of La Guerre Invisible on sexual violence in the French army (Les Arènes, 2014), Le Sacrifice de Palmyre (Grasset, 2016), Impunité Zéro (Autrement, 2017), and Mauvaise Troupe (Les Arènes, 2019).
She is a member of the European investigative journalists' consortium, Investigate Europe, and a member of the editorial board of Disclose.

Leïla Miñano specialises in violence committed by the armed forces in times of war and peace and has written several books and investigations on the subject. She was also a finalist for the Albert Londres Prize for Printed Press 2019 (Les Jours), a finalist for the Bayeux Calvados Prize for War Correspondents 2011 (Libya), a finalist for the Grand Prix des Médias 2014 (La Guerre Invisible), the UN Women France Personality of the Month in January 2019 (coverage of sexual violence by armed groups).


Leïla Miñano
War, Army, Abuse

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BRUSSEL - These women weren’t leading  the same battles, walking in the same streets or speaking in the same forums. Yet they were all victims of the same crime:  political feminicide.