Nicole Franken is a Dutch photographer.

Photojournalist Nicole Franken focuses on what remains out of focus. In that light, she published two books about small societies on islands and in remote areas. About people who cherish desolation, seek solitude or just live forever in that deserted bay. Where volcanoes, violence and loneliness can always erupt and where people do what they do best: survive. In addition, over the past 20 years she has produced human interest and travel reports for National Geographic Traveler, Lonely Planet Magazine, Columbus Travel, Marie Claire, Het Parool and Trouw, among others. Her work is represented by Hollandse Hoogte/ ANP. She is also an energetic and experienced human rights and communications professional specialising in the development of international, multimedia campaigns, documentaries, journalistic items and empowerment programmes.


Nicole Franken
Human interest and travel photography

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Indigenous People Today

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SWEDEN - Through the project Indigenous People Today, we investigate the effects of climate change on indigenous peoples, their ways of life and unique cultures. These are indigenous peoples in the northern hemisphere, living in arctic or high-altitude areas.