Robbe Vandegehuchte is a Belgian documentary producer and journalist.

Robbe Vandegehuchte (1991) holds a Master degree in Diplomacy & International Politics (UGent), as well as a Bachelor of Television Journalism. He worked at the United Nations (UNRIC). His work as a photographer has been published internationally by, among others, The Washington Post, VICE, Photographer's Quarterly and the Flemish news magazine Knack. As an editor he worked for Eyeworks, VRT NWS, Mediahuis, Off World and Docwerkers. Vandegehuchte is the founder of Find Muck, the production house behind Nowruz: Persian Picnics. His specialization is political economy in Europe, the Middle East, America, Russia and China.


Robbe Vandegehuchte
political economy Europe, Middle East, USA, Russia and China

Supported projects

The wrong generation

  • Human Rights
  • Politics

TUNIS - When Tunisians kick off the Arab Spring in 2010, the difficult transition to democracy begins. Nearly a decade later, independent candidate Kais Saied comes to power. Stealthily, he implements his political agenda: he dissolves parliament, arrests the opposition, and the media and the electoral commission are also targeted. Many Tunisians speak of a true coup d'état.

The Sea of Azov

  • Armed conflict
  • Security

MARIUPOL - The Sea of ​​Azov is the shallowest sea in the world. The entire region around the sea has been a battleground for centuries.

Living at the border

  • Human Rights
  • Migration

MELILLA - The Spanish enclave of Melilla, geographically part of Africa, politically part of the European Union, is located on Morocco's northern coast. The border between the continents here consists of a triple fence with countless pits and guard posts.

Youth infrastructure in Flanders

  • Youth

RONSE - Is the voice of the children still heard? For some time now, there has been no real motivation to invest in youth. That results in a salvo of cries for help from youth councils and youth movements. Robbe Vandegehuchte investigates in Knack the local youth infrastructure through various cases in Ronse.

Epilogue of a Cycling Era

  • Sport

GHENT - 'The Farm', is literally an old Belgian farmhouse outside of Ghent. From the seventies onward it was the operational base for young promising international riders. Michael Tvardovskiy lived at The Farm for eight years, after deserting the Ukranian army. When he got deported from Belgium, both this story and the Flemish cycling era came to and end.

Mosaic of the Lebanese Revolution

  • Armed conflict

BEIRUT - On 17 October 2019, a revolution broke out in Lebanon that is still raging among the people. The - young, secular - population is trying to break free, while the divided sectarian power apparatus is digging deeper. The ongoing Lebanese popular protests resulted in the largest national protest since the civil war (75-90). All Lebanese, regardless of their frame of reference within the melting pot of cultures, unite under one banner against the corrupt commanders

Persian Picnics

  • Culture
  • Religion

IRAN - The Iranians are caught between two fires today. On the one hand they suffer the American sanctions, on the other hand there are many domestic issues to overcome. During the "Nowruz" period, we investigated this stifling position with various teams across Iran. The story about Nowruz transcends borders and identities.