Rouguyata Sall is journalist and works on social, gender and work inequalities. Engineer in biology in food industry, she’s also interested in scientific topics such as Covid-19 for Mediapart.

Mostly working on her computer, she’s a fierce datajournalist. She has worked for Libération, AEF info and lately for Femmes à abattre with the collective of freelance journalists Youpress. She also hosts media education workshops.

She also works for the movie industry as an assistant production assistant, or casting assistant. She assisted the director of the movie “Tirailleurs” by Mathieu Vadepied with Omar Sy (Gaumont, 2023) and co-directed the web-serie “Médias : les quartiers vous regardent”, (Mediapart, 2019).



Rouguyata Sall
inequality, gender, science

Supported projects

Femmes à abattre

  • Armed conflict
  • Organised crime
  • Security

BRUSSEL - These women weren’t leading  the same battles, walking in the same streets or speaking in the same forums. Yet they were all victims of the same crime:  political feminicide.