Yvonne Dudock is a Dutch freelance journalist 

Yvonne Dudock has been a freelance magazine producer/content manager since 1998 and, as a freelance journalist, regularly writes human interest and travel reports for Trouw, MO* Magazine, Free a Girl, National Geographic, Lonely Planet Magazine, Elle and 360°, among others. Her work highlights the unseen and focuses on a remote corner of the world that most of us are barely aware of. The personal story of the interviewees is always at the centre of this, from the Canadian First Nation who survived residential school to child sexual exploitation and impunity in Nepal. With her project Indigenous People Today, together with photographer Nicole Franken, she investigates the effects of climate change on the way of life and culture of indigenous peoples in the Arctic. 


Yvonne Dudock
Human interest, social issues, storytelling

Supported projects

Indigenous People Today

  • Environment

SWEDEN - Through the project Indigenous People Today, we investigate the effects of climate change on indigenous peoples, their ways of life and unique cultures. These are indigenous peoples in the northern hemisphere, living in arctic or high-altitude areas.