Kristof Bohez is een Belgisch journalist. 

Hij werd in 2005 schrijvend journalist, vooral voor Het Nieuwsblad. Nadat hij Eva Kamanda leerde kennen, trok hij naar Brussel, de stad waar de gevels geschiedenis zweten. 


Kristof Bohez

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A silenced life

  • Equality
  • Human Rights
  • Migration

BRUSSELS - Suddenly Eva finds herself face to face with a portrait of her Congolese great-grandfather François. Retrieved from the AfricaMuseum in Tervuren. In the unfamiliar portrait, Eva recognises traits of herself. She sees the man from whom she inherited family name and skin colour, but who died before she was born. Eva rediscovers her great-grandfather François Kamanda; a Congolese who settled in Belgium in 1930, at the hand of his white patron. The painting, which the AfricaMuseum appears to have kept in its custody since the 1980s, dates from 1936.