BELGIUM/INDIA - Kapelle-op-den-Bos is the birthplace of filmmaker Daniel Lambo. Life was good there, Daniel's father was a laborer and trade unionist in the local Eternit factory. The company was once one of the largest asbestos-producing multinationals in the world. Today we know the consequences of asbestos production and for many it's a problem of the past. However, the asbestos issue proves to be still actual when the activities of Eternit abroad are being scrutinized.

In the Indian village of Kymore, Daniel discovers an active asbestos factory that was once owned by the Belgian Eternit. The Indian village is like a mirror of the past of Kapelle-op-den-Bos. The pollution also casts a dark shadow over the village here. Nirmala, an ex-teacher and mother, decides to take up the fight for the many victims of Kymore and for a clean environment.

On the 14th of September 2019 Breathless by Daniel Lambo (production Storyhouse) wins the Ensor 2019 for Best Flemish Documentary Film.

Maarten Schmidt

Maarten Schmidt is a Belgian producer of documentary films.

Daniel Lambo

Daniel Lambo (° Willebroek, 1968) studied literature and scriptwriting. He started writing for theater and television. As a director, he mainly focuses on socially relevant themes. He makes both documentaries and feature films. Meanwhile he worked…
Daniel Lambo

Berber Verpoest

Berber Verpoest (1983) is a Belgian freelance (video)journalist.
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