SCHIEDAM - A radically different view of cholesterol and cardiovascular disease, that is what The Cholesterol Myth is all about. Part of it is that cholesterol is no longer the big bogeyman, but, according to experts, can be seen as a positive, body-specific, even healing substance. On closer inspection, cholesterol also plays a positive role in our diet. These visions underpinned in the book raise the question of what causes all those cardiovascular patients to die every day, just as the author almost lost his father.

Based on independent journalistic research, The cholesterol myth shows that the current view on cholesterol and cardiovascular disease is wrong and needs to be revised. Interviews with doctors and scientists involved in research make this very clear.

The book is divided into three parts:
1. Rise and fall of the cholesterol myth
2. Deliberate deception
3. What you can do yourself for the health of your heart and vessels

Daan de Wit

Daan de Wit (1969) is journalist en verslaggever voor televisie, documentaire en geschreven media.
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  • Title: De cholesterolmythe
  • Subtitle: Een radicaal nieuwe visie op het ontstaan, voorkomen en omkeren van hart- en vaatziekten
  • Editor: Scriptum
  • Paperback, 16 x 24 cm
  • Number of pages: 248
  • ISBN : 9789463192118
  • Date of publication: 13/10/2020