COPSA MICA - It is December 1990, the days are short, dark and foggy. Beside the road in Copsa Mica, 2 men are slaughtering a pig. A Romanian Christmas tradition I later learn.

The steaming open carcass stands out pink against the dingy dirty landscape and the 2 drab gray men. It looks as if the village and everything in it were dipped in a large inkwell. Like the surrounding hills and forests within a 25-kilometer radius. The houses are covered in black soot, the footsteps of the inhabitants leave white marks in the black snow.

Thirty years later, I go again to Copsa Mica to talk to the people about the village of the past.

Copsa Mica

 © Marleen Daniëls

Marleen Daniëls

Marleen Daniëls is a Belgian reportage and fashion photographer.
Marleen Daniëls
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  • Van zwarte sneeuw naar rode wijn, Marie Claire, November-December 2023.