SOBIBOR - After Auschwitz, Sobibor is the largest Dutch mass grave with more than 34,000 Dutch victims. Starting in 1942, more than 170,000 Jews were gassed here in a year and a half immediately upon arrival. Yet few people know about this death camp. After a successful prisoner uprising in October 1943, the Nazis closed Sobibor, erasing as many traces as possible.

The silence at the site of the camp comes to an end in 2014. Investigative journalist Rosanne Kropman is there when archaeologists excavate the foundations of the eight gas chambers. Scoop by scoop, the contours of the camp come to the surface. From that moment on, Kropman sets out to find traces of the camp. She meets the last survivors of the uprising and their families, tells stories of the perpetrators and sees the difficult handling in Poland of Holocaust heritage. Darkest Dark sheds new light on the mystery that is Sobibor to this day.

Rosanne Kropman

Rosanne Kropman is an investigative journalist and writes for Follow the Money, de Volkskrant and Trouw, among others.
Rosanne Kropman
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  • Titel: Het donkerste donker
  • Subtitel: Een geschiedenis van Sobibor
  • Auteur: Rosanne Kropman
  • Uitgever: Nieuw Amsterdam
  • Verschijningsdatum: 04/10/2023
  • EAN: 9789046826881
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