DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO - On the eve of postponed Congolese elections, two Congolese and two Belgian film-makers are working on a film about Kinshasa and its resistance to the legacies of colonialism. The four filmmakers want to tell a story together.

However, they grew up on different sides of history, and therefore have different ideas about how they would approach it. What should the movie look like? Who should appear in it? Who is the film made for?
"Faire-part" is the search of four filmmakers for a way to portray the city. By filming artistic performances in public spaces, they paint a provocative image of Kinshasa and its relationships with the rest of the world.


Anne Reijniers

Anne Reijniers is a Belgian filmmaker.
Anne Reijniers

Nizar Saleh Mohamedali

Nizar Saleh Mohamedali is a Congolese graphic designer, filmmaker and photographer.

Paul Shemisi Betutua

Paul Shemisi Betutua is a Congolese filmmaker.

Rob Jacobs

Rob Jacobs is a researcher at the University of Antwerp and Aarhus University.
5.000 € allocated on 7/4/2017.