KINSHASA - Although the Amazon forest is significantly larger, the tropical forests in the Congo Basin, in the heart of Africa, are taking more CO2 out of the air today. This seems like good news, but these forests are also disappearing at a rapid pace.

Several countries, including Belglium, are investing in projects to protect forests. This investigartion examines how much money is involved, and what happens to it. Two lessons are already clear. This is a big challenge, donors must make a long-term commitment. Such projects have little chance of success if they do not also help the fast-growing population move forward.

Photo: ©Bart Lasuy

John Vandaele

John Vandaele is a Belgian journalist with the monthly MO* magazine.

Bart Lasuy

Bart Lasuy is a Belgian photographer, specialized in illustrative photography, portrait and landscape.
Bart Lasuy