MECHELEN - Youth care center Juneco is a multicultural hub that houses 15 unaccompanied foreign minors aged 12 to 18 in Belgium. The young people grow up here without their families, creating close friendships.

Helen and Dalina, two Eritrean girls with the same mother tongue, find comfort with each other as they share joys and sorrows: stories about the past and the future, thoughts about religion, songs and their everyday insecurities.

Helen tries to remain positive in her attempt at family reunification, but wonders what would happen if her family, whom she has not seen for six years, were to arrive in Belgium. Her own personality has developed a lot over these years. As the young people try to find their place in a new country, How Do You Spell Home? follows them in their search for a new home.

How Do You Spell Home? is the first feature-length documentary by Belgian director Louisiana Mees-Fongang and will have its world premiere at the IDFA documentary festival in Amsterdam.

Wederik De Backer

Wederik De Backer (b. 1988) makes radio documentaries and podcasts.
Wederik De Backer

Louisiana Mees-Fongang

Louisiana Mees-Fongang is a Belgian author and filmmaker.
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