BRUSSELS - The photo report gives an insight into cricket, an underexposed sport in Belgium.

The focus here is not on one specific gender, nationality or age, but tries to give a representative mix of the cricket players. The cricket field and its surroundings is the biotope of the reportage. The happenings off the field, the trainers, the supporters and the casual passers-by who are curious about what is going on on the field are equally important,. In this way, the reportage portrays people from diverse cultural backgrounds, but with a common passion for the sport and shows the social cohesion it can bring about.

Aaron Lapeirre

Aaron Lapeirre (°1986) is a Belgian freelance photographer.
Portret Aaron Lapeirre
€ 3.000 allocated on 22/04/2022.


  • Wicket Belgium, National Georgraphic, 25/05/2023.