DAKAR - Kris Berwouts went to Senegal with the question: 'What are Senegal's strengths and vulnerabilities when it comes to the risk of jihadism spilling over from the Sahel? This received a boost in 2012 in Mali and has since rapidly spread to Burkina Faso and Niger.

Since then, the three countries have been in crisis on several levels. Senegal is one of the best-established young democracies in Africa, with a multi-party system, a well-functioning parliament and a regular change of power at the highest level. On top of this, the country has its own strong Islamic tradition that is much more tolerant than many other Islamic traditions. The capital city is bustling with quality intellectual and artistic activity. The country seems well-armed in the fight against extremist violence. But is that really the case? Kris Berwouts went in search of nuance and detail.

Foto: © Kris Berwouts

Kris Berwouts

Kris Berwouts (1963-2023) worked as an independent expert on Central Africa.
Kris Berwouts