Johannes Decat (°1993) is an investigative journalist and writer. His main interest is political resistance, in all its forms.

His knowledge of Arabic, Turkish, Spanish, French and Russian comes in handy. His articles have appeared in MO* Magazine, Apache, Knack, Zawia3 and Daraj, among others. He likes to have his sleeve pulled up for multidisciplinary collaborations.

foto: © Glenn Minten


Johannes Decat
writer & journalist

Supported projects

When the pomegranates ripen

  • Armed conflict
  • Culture

JEREVAN - According to Armenians, the pomegranate symbolises the invincibility of the Armenian soul. From September, pomegranates begin to ripen. Their skin dries up while the flesh fills with moisture.


  • Youth
  • Politics
  • Cities

UKRAINE - Is there room for healing and recovery in the midst of wartime? With that question, photographer Emiel Petrovitch and writer Johannes Decat traveled to Ukraine. Their answers are contained in a series of articles.

Hashtags in the battle for women's bodies in Egypt

CAÏRO - Those who hoped the 2011 Egyptian revolution would dramatically improve women's lives are being disappointed. More than a decade later, calls for equal rights and opportunities are ringing louder than ever. Social media are once again an ideal sounding board for emancipatory ideas. And the regime? As ever, it reacts defensively. Whoever does not go along with the official discourse on women's rights is gagged.'