UKRAINE - Is there room for healing and recovery in the midst of wartime? With that question, photographer Emiel Petrovitch and writer Johannes Decat traveled to Ukraine. Their answers are contained in a series of articles.

They encountered a country where everything seems to be dominated by military efforts. Yet there are more and more people who already dare to cautiously dream about post-war Ukraine. For example, they met an enthusiastic rehabilitation doctor, a Ghent arborist who wants to replant Boetsja and a couple who returned to their city to organize creative workshops for children.


In Cherson, in southern Ukraine, they recorded stories of collaboration and resistance.The city was occupied by the Russian army for eight months.Cherson has been liberated since November, but the choices some residents made during the occupation still resonate today. 

In eastern Kharkiv, Emiel and Johannes delved into the lives of young people. How do they experience growing up in wartime? How does the front haunt the minds of those who can be called up?


Johannes Decat

Johannes Decat (°1993) is an investigative journalist and writer. His main interest is political resistance, in all its forms.
foto: © Glenn Minten

Emiel Petrovitch

Emiel Petrovitch, born in 1996, is a passionate photographer specialising in analogue photography.
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