COLOMBO - A Sri Lankan scientist, also a young mother, is trying to map the patterns of migrating coral larvae to protect the future of coral reefs and her people.

Together with the team of Prof. Marc Kochzius (VUB), PhD student Kushlani Dissanayake is going on an underwater expedition to study the migration patterns of corals in the waters around her native Sri Lanka.  They collect DNA samples and other crucial data that unravel the distribution patterns of corals and their larvae. From her own situation as a mother, she draws motivation as a scientist to search for solutions to ensure the survival of endangered coral reefs.

Charlotte De Cort

Charlotte De Cort is a Brussels-based writer and film director.

Camille Ghekiere

Camille Ghekiere is a Brussels-based documentary filmmaker.
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  • Coral City, première op DOCville Leuven, 21/03/2024.