RIOHACHA - The world is facing a total energy transition, and Colombia, too, is joining the momentum.

Ambitious plans are unfolding on the La Guajira Peninsula, where the wind blows across the desert-like landscape 365 days a year: several energy companies are planning the construction of many thousands of wind turbines there. But the peninsula is also home to the indigenous Wayuu people, and they are less upbeat about the plans for their area. They are a people who understand the meaning of dreams, and wind is strongly embedded in the local culture. Consequently, the Wayuu view their habitat radically differently than the energy companies. 

This difference in vision in not the only source of tension. Thomas and Arne traveled to La Guajira, and experienced how the companies actively play the various indigenous clans against each other. A wind of change is blowing through La Guajira, but that this wind will provide much-needed development seems to be dashed hopes. On the contrary, knives are being sharpened in the race to green energy.

Arne Gillis

Arne Gillis is a journalist and photographer and covers Africa for the Belgian magazine MO*.
Arne Gillis

Thomas Ceulemans

Thomas Ceulemans graduated from the Belgian film school RITCS with the short film Etrobo, inspired by Raoul Servais' award-winning animated film Taxandria.
Thomas Ceulemans
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